Is Your Business Healthy?

Biz Doctor Texas

Biz Doctor Texas provides Professional Business Consulting Services for Small, Medium & Large Retail Stores, Restaurants, Cafes & Shops, Consumer Services Companies, New & Used Car Dealerships, Realtors & Real Estate Agencies, and E-Commerce Companies throughout the State of Texas – primarily servicing the Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin & Houston Metropolitan areas..

Covering all aspects of Operations, Merchandising, Sales & Customer Service Training, Seasonal Opportunities, Advertising, Social Media Marketing, App Utilization, Web Site UI, Product Presentation & Photography, Plan-O-Grams, New Business Launches, Content Writing, Reputation Management, Affiliate Marketing & More, the Doctor can cure whatever ails your business!

Among the Doctor's Areas of Expertise

business operations consultant


  • Expense Controls
  • Personnel (Interviewing, Hiring, Scheduling, Counseling, Reviewing, Terminating)
  • Asset Control
  • Negotiations
  • Inventory Control
  • Location Management
  • Location and/or Store Presentation
  • And Much More

business merchandising consultant


  • Product Management
  • Inventory Allotment & Selection
  • Pricing  & Sourcing
  • Display & Presentation
  • Promotions, Specials & Buy-Ins
  • The 80/20 Rule
  • Seasonal Merchandising
  • "Cart Piling" (Getting Customers & Clients to Purchase Multiple Items)
  • And Much More

social media internet marketing

Social Media & Internet:

  • Facebook, Pinterest & Twitter
  • YouTube  Videos
  • Apps (LetGo, OfferUp, 5Mile, etc.)
  • Reputation Management
  • Building Likes & Followers
  • SEO Content Organic
  • Google Ads
  • Affiliate Marketing for Revenue
  • Web Site Design Strategy & UI
  • And Much More

What is Your Retail Business' Health?

Is Your Business Ill or Just Feeling Blah? The Doctor is In & Accepting Appointments!

It sure seems easy on all those Reality TV shows doesn’t it? Owning a small business that sells products in a storefront, online or both; or providing consumer services of some kind – it sure looks so simple to get customers and clients. But if you’re running – or launching – a small business, you already know that’s it not that easy. You know how challenging it is. There are so many facets of it to have to keep an eye on, develop, tweak and manage.

And, maybe you’re really, really good at parts of it, but not so much in others. So, who do you turn to? Someone you can trust. Someone who delivers. Someone who knows EVERY part of what it takes to run your business, not just bits and pieces of it here and there. And someone who can help you without just talking “geek-speak” or numerical mumbo-jumbo. That’s what I do. I help small businesses just like yours improve and succeed in every aspect of what it takes to run one.

Ready to Cure Your Business Ails?