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Helping Small, Medium & Large Businesses, Retail Stores, eCommerce & Internet Companies, Real Estate Agents & Realty Offices, and Automotive / Transportation Dealers since 1990.

Starting with a Business Psychology Major, the Biz Doctor has had an affinity and passion for Retail, e-Tail, eCommerce and Automobile Dealerships for over 25 years. Beginning in the traditional Brick-and-Mortar Retail Store world, the Doctor managed Operations, Merchandising and Personnel for some of the country’s largest Retail Chains and Wholesale Clubs. He also participated in numerous store openings which evolved from “concrete floors and a roof” to Grand Openings. Along the way, he wrote numerous company-lauded Plan-O-Grams; directed and arranged Grand Opening Events; and designed traditional advertising campaigns. The doctor also served as a Regional and District Operations Manager, performing operational overhauls and rescues on under-performing locations.

In 1996, the Doctor entered the eCommerce world, serving in the roles of Buyer, Operations Manager; Senior Buyer, Director of Merchandising, Director of Purchasing and Pre-Launch Consultant for some of the largest computer software, hardware, apparel and accessories eTailers in the U.S. During that time, he also developed industry-leading buying & sourcing methodologies; set marketplace standards for “items-per-cart” performance; created effective email and re-targeting campaigns; and fostered a reputation for being the premier vendor partner among his industry peers. He also served as the Managing Director of both Publisher and Advertiser for successful Affiliate campaigns with Commission Junction; Rakuten; ShareASale and Amazon.

In 2005, the Doctor carried his extensive Retail, eCommerce and Merchandising skills into the Automotive Dealership space. Creating an entirely new approach to “selling cars”, he won Salesman of the Month awards for 11 consecutive months, along with establishing new standards for inventory turns, presentation, gross profit, photography & marketing, customer retention and CSI scores. He was then tasked with training a new generation of Salespeople to effectively embrace and implement the changing expectations of the next generation of buyers and shoppers. The Doctor has also created and effectively managed Social Media marketing campaigns & “Page Posts” for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube; developed effective email campaigns; created & produced engaging videos; developed strategies for emerging “Apps”; and developed new and alternative sources of income for Web sites and physical locations.

With his unique and wholly comprehensive business acumen and background, the Doctor is confident that he can cure whatever ails your business – big or small.

Author of “The 5-Point Circle of Buying” Business Success Formula

The Doctor is also the author of “The 5-Point Circle of Buying” – a comprehensive approach to identifying, monitoring & successfully tweaking the five areas of influence in which a perspective buyer or customer can enter – or exit – your opportunity for a sale or new client. The Doctor has identified – and learned to effectively monitor – all 5 of these “Primary Triggers” that lead to a Customer Sale or Service Interaction. You may have all your efforts in 1 or 2, or maybe even 3 of them, but if you’re not dedicating the time and resources to ALL 5 of them, you will miss out on potential sales – often times without even being aware it is happening. As a Business Owner, you have to ensure that all points are “locked in” on a Daily Basis. The Doctor will teach you and/or your team on how to identify, illuminate, improve and instill the commitment to all 5 Primary Triggers – along with helping your business find new ways and make improvements to grow your business by looking at each area of your business; front-door-to-back-door; person-to-person; employee-to-customer; and computer-to-computer.

Mentor & Trainer

Throughout the course of my Corporate and Small Business Experience, the Doctor has also served in the Roles of Mentor, Trainer, Public Speaker, Leader Coach & Motivator on numerous occasions. He knows what you and your team members need to see and hear to be inspired and passionate about the success of the business.

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