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The Biz Doctor has identified 5 “Primary Points” – covering everything from Sales to Service to Social Media & more – that lead to a New or Pre-Owned Car Sale. Your dealership – big or small – may have all your efforts in 1 or 2, or maybe even 3 of the primary points, but if you’re not dedicating the time and resources to ALL 5 of them, you will miss out on potential sales.

Your customers may enter to buy – or exit without buying – at any part of the circle. As a Dealer, you have to ensure that all points are “locked in” on a Daily Basis.

The Doctor will teach you and/or your team on how to identify, illuminate, improve and instill the commitment to all 5 Primary Points.

If you take it to heart and implement these recommendations, changes, and tweaks, you WILL sell more cars – quicker and with vastly improved customer service scores. If you don’t, you won’t. It’s that simple.

"The Doctor has been invaluable to me and my company as an advisor. His extensive knowledge of the automotive space and dealership operations in particular have helped us develop tremendously helpful products and tools for car buying consumers and dealers. Not only does he have an expert grasp of the challenges and trends of the industry, he also has great, practical ideas to take advantage of them."

- Phong Ly, CEO and CoFounder of

retail store consultation services

Tailored Dealer Solutions

These Single-Day, Multi-Day, Single-Week or Multi-Week On-Site Consulting Services remove the tired old cliches and antiquated techniques that traditional consulting services rely on.

There are NO “Pep Talks”, “Motivational Speeches” or “Revolutionary Selling Techniques”. It’s actually much simpler than that.

It starts on a Saturday with an all-day Observational Overview of the Entire “Back to Front” process. We look at the advertising, presenting, and selling cars at your dealership.  Then it moves to Sunday where a workable Game Plan is prepared for the next day(s) or week(s) and then moves on to the first day to work with each member of your team who can positively or negatively affect these “Primary Points” within your Dealership.


Why Biz Doctor Texas?

The Biz Doctor’s background is extremely unique and diversified. As not only a multi-time Salesman of the Month & Salesman of the Year winner in the Car Sales Industry at both Franchise & Independent Dealers, The Doctor also served as an Automotive Wholesaler at Manheim and Addessa Auto Auctions and achieved wide-ranging success as an Internet Director, BDC Manager, Operations Manager & General Sales Manager.

The Doctor also has a rich background in all forms of Internet Marketing, Merchandising, and Design, including Organic SEO Content Writing; Social Media (Facebook, Pinterest, Instragram, Twitter, YouTube, etc.); Reputation Management (Yelp, Google Reviews, etc.); Digital Photography; Web Design, HTML & UI; Mobile Web Site implementation; Competitive Analysis; and Email Marketing.

In addition, The Doctor has created, implemented & managed multiple processes of Dealership Operations, including Customer Retention Programs in Service & Sales, Promotions & Marketing; Expediting of Trade-In Turnaround Times & Presentation Standards; Customer/Salesperson Partnering; Internet & BDC Performance & Standards; Craigslist and other Classifieds Site Posting Guidelines; and much, much more.