In-Store Shopping Isn’t Dead

With the demise of shopping malls, big box retailers and niche retailers, many people believe that consumers only shop online, and that they no longer travel to stores to shop. That’s not true as this great research page from Oracle explains:

As their page states, “There is still much debate over the roles of different shopping channels and the future of the shopping experience. The team at Oracle Bronto wanted to understand the shopping habits of U.S. consumers who shop in-store, such as how frequently they’re shopping, which factors motivate them to shop in-store and what they want to see in the future. We learned some interesting facts about who is shopping in-store—and why. Variables depend on motivating factors such as need, income, demographic, or intangibles such as desire to see or feel a product. Which factors influence in-store shopping behavior, and how?”

You’ll gain insight into:

  • Which generation shops in-store the most frequently.
  • The factors that inspire consumers to shop in-store.
  • What consumers expect out of their shopping experience.
  • How personalization can work for your company.

Get the report yourself here:


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