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Retail Stores are dead! Nobody shops in stores anymore! Malls are a ghost town. These fatalistic views of traditional retail stores have been permeating the Internet for several years now. And yet….they’re not dead. Actually, some retail stores are thriving.

The Doctor agrees. Retail stores, “Mom and Pop” shops and Specialty Boutiques are NOT dead. In fact, there are some great online articles* that support this theory as well.

However, to succeed in the challenging new world of Retail, your business must evolve and seamlessly transition into the New World of Retail – and meet the subsequent expectations of entirely new generation of shoppers, clients and consumers while not alienating the traditional ones.

Now that’s a challenge! But the Doctor is here to help.

Tailored Retail Business Solutions

Due to the numerous customization options involved with Retail Store Consulting, each consultation is unique and priced accordingly. Please contact The Doctor with your individual needs to receive a custom quote.

  • Single Location

  • Multi Location

  • Nationwide - Chain Stores

  • Independently Owned Stores

  • Shops & Boutiques

Areas of Consulting:

For new customers, your store is like a Real Estate listing. What is the “drive up” like? How receptive is the first 20 feet? What – if anything - is your entry hook? These and numerous other areas will be evaluated.

All aspects of Sales, Customer Service, Maintenance, Expense Controls, Marketing & Advertising, Budgeting, HR, Inventory Controls, Checkout Procedures and more will be evaluated.

All areas of Floor Presentation, Pricing, Sales Training, Upselling, Endcaps, Seasonal Merchandising, Buying, Stock Levels, Clearance & Discontinued, Promotional Opportunities, Layout, Flow, New Product Roll-Outs & Announcements and more will be evaluated.

The name says it all. How competitive are you? Are you winning? Losing? What is going to take to surge ahead or continue to be the leader? Strategies, Opportunities, New Services (if applicable) Planning, Fallback Contingencies and more will be observed, storyboarded and recommended for fruition.

This critical component will be evaluated in terms of Presence, Followers, Post, Neutrality; Social Footprint, Marketing, Design, Response Times and more for Facebook, Instagram, Piterest, Twitter, YouTube and more.

If your retail store has a functioning Web Site, all aspects of Design, User Interface (UI), Navigation, Checkout Procedures, Category / Sub-Category Merchandising, Pricing, Upsellin   ng, Remarketing & Retargeting, Chat, Contact Response Times, Social Media Linking and much more will be evaluated. If your company does not have an existing Web site - or needs assistance redesigning and re-launcing one, The Doctor can assist you with that as well.

Are you making money with your existing Web site as a Publisher or an Advertiser? Why not? It’s easy! The Doctor can show you how to both, utilizing sites like Commission Junction (CJ), Rakuten, Share-A-Sale and more.

Need help or consulting with something elsevbcvb The Doctor has a myriad of experience and expertise and can probably assist you with thbvnat as well. Contact The Doctor today and ask!

Why Biz Doctor Texas?

Beginning with a nationwide General Merchandise Retailer, The Biz Doctor served as a Cashier, Customer Service Advocate and Stocker before transitioning to a Wholesale Club. With this nationwide Wholesale Club, The Doctor worked as a Cashier, Cashier Supervisor, Customer Service Rep, Stocker, Lead Floor Supervisor, Receiving Supervisor and Primary Key Carrier, before being promoted into the Management Training Program. The Doctor served in the capacity of Sales Manager, Operations Manager and Merchandising Manager. During this tenure, The Doctor was a primary participant in an Operational Rescue Team that helped underperforming locations improve, re-train staff and reach company standards in Sales, Service, HR, Loss Prevention, Inventory Controls, “Shrink” Reduction and Expense Controls.

The Doctor then moved forward with a competing Wholesale Club in the capacities of Operations Manager, Merchandising Manager and Warehouse Director. During this time, The Doctor participated in the successful planning, implementation and execution of 4 New Club location openings. The Doctor also wrote 3 concrete-to-grand-opening Merchandise Plan-O-Grams for locations of 100,000 square feet and more.