Training & Coaching

The Doctor shares his knowledge! We provide Training & Coaching for you or your team team in such areas as Merchandising, Engagement, Pricing, Social Media, SEO, Descriptive Content & more. Most popular for Car Dealers!

Sales & Service

The Doctor listens in. Need to get your team on the right track to increased sales, customer satisfaction and repeat business? The Doctor can train, coach & guide your team in how to effectively engage with the next generation of shoppers; as well as the expectations of Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y, Millennials and Gen Z customers. Your team will learn how to adapt and succeed in the challenging new world of face-to-face; “Live Chat” and email sales interactions. Available in Multi-Hour Seminars or All-Day 1-on-1 Training. See our Specialized Seminars and Classes for The Automotive and Real Estate industries!

Presentation, Displaying & Selling

The Doctor charts the course. A must for Real Estate Agents, Realty Offices, Automobile Dealers and Other Transportation Sales! The Doctor will show your team how to successfully stage, photograph, story-tell, walk-around and describe the products & assets your company sells on a daily basis. Emphasis will also be placed on writing SEO-rich and strong organic content. Stage II will coach your team in presenting these products once the customer or client is engaged in person.

Merchandising 101

The Doctor x-rays your business. From small boutique stores; to mom-and-pop restaurants; to larger multi-location and retail chain stores, the Doctor will coach you and/or your team in how to effectively merchandise your products in-house. First impressions, seasonal opportunities, upselling, endcaps, assortment, the psychology of color and more will be covered in a one-day or multi-day walk-through of your store or stores. Your store will benefit from an outside perspective of the way your store is merchandised, navigated by shoppers and viewed front front to back. This service can also add to your profit by observing productivity and procedures in how product is received, brought to the sale floor and replenished.

Competitive Analysis

The Doctor checks your vitals! Want to know how well your Company, Products, Services or Customer Service stacks up against your competition. We also provide insights and advice for making improvements & gains in Service and Sales.

Content Writing

The Doctor gets his keyboard going! Get engaging content for your Retail Store Products, E-Commerce Items, Consumer Services, New & Used Cars, Marketing & Ad Copy, SEO Content, Real Estate Home Properties & more!

All at an Affordable Rate

Rates vary by the extent and/or length of Consulting or Training you want or need, but suffice to say, it’s not as expensive as you probably think. We can help you grow, improve and build your business. Rates start as low as $500 for 1-Day, On-Site Consulting.

LIVE! WordPress Support & Site Creation

Need WordPress Support or an Entire Site Built? WP is the easiest & most powerful blogging and website content management system (CMS) in existence today. It can be used to build complete E-Commerce, Retail Shops, Car & Motorcycle Dealerships, Consumer Services, Reviews, & More! We’ve partnered with one of the Best WP Developers in the U.S – based right here in Texas! Get LIVE Help while you watch or let them handle everything for you! Contact us for Details.

Company Logo Creation

Wow! $500?!? $600?!? We were shocked by what some of our clients were being quoted to have a Company Logo Created or Updated. So, we’ve partnered with a Leading Logo Creation Company to produce professional Logos from just $99! And unlike virtual all of the Designers, you don’t pay for it until you get it!

Your logo design package will include:

  • HUGE 5K x 5K Pixel .PNG Logo File suitable for editing into the Logo size you need. And since it is .PNG file, it has a transparent background so it doesn’t matter what color your Web Site is, it will work with it.
  • 5K x 5K Pixel .PDF Logo File
  • 5K x 5K Pixel .JPG Logo File
  • 5K x 5K Pixel .SVG (Vector) Logo File

Custom Options:

  • Get a Black & White Version of Your Log for Only $29 More!
  • Get the Correct Logo Formats for the Major Social Media Networks (Facebook, Instgram, Etc.) for Only $49 More!

Consulting from Front to Back

We provide Consulting & Training in the areas of Operations; Expenses; Advertising; Marketing; Merchandising; Internet Strategies; Customer Retention, Reputation Management, e-Commerce; Social Media; and Customer Service.

In a Nutshell….

The Texas Business Doctor provides Small, Medium & Large Business Consulting for Retail Stores, New & Used Car Dealerships; e-Commerce & Internet Companies; Wholesalers; “Mom & Pop Shops; Multi-Location Retailers; Consumer Services, Start-Up & Launch Businesses; Real Estate Agents; Realtors; Realty Companies; Motorcycle Dealers; R/V & Trailer Dealers and Web-based businesses throughout the state of Texas – focusing primarily on the Fort Worth, Dallas, Austin and Houston metropolitan areas.

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