What Does an Auto Dealer Consultant Do?


For as long as most New & Used Car Dealers can remember, the world of the Dealership – outside of the Service, Parts & Auto Body Centers – centered around 3 primary areas: Sales, Advertising and F&I. That is no longer the case. And yet, while some Dealerships have assimilated a few of the newer areas of focus into their daily maintenance and oversight, there are only a very select few that have embraced all of them.

An experienced and effective Auto Dealer Consultant provides Automotive Consulting Services for Management, Sales, Customer Service and Internet Departments in all areas that can affect the Dealership’s sales, customer service and profits, including:

  • New & Pre-Owned Sales
  • Inventory Turns
  • Gross / Net Profit
  • Salesperson Training
  • Product Knowledge
  • Internet / BDC Training
  • Competitive Vehicle Pricing
  • Vehicle Presentation (Detailing)
  • Vehicle Presentation (Marketing)
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Video Marketing
  • Brand Ambassadors
  • “Flash” Culture Opportunities
  • Aftermarket Sales & Custom Brand Building
  • Affiliate Marketing (Advertiser & Publisher)
  • Classifieds App Utilization
  • Customer Retention & Recognition
  • Showroom Awareness
  • Vehicle Delivery
  • And Much, Much More

Yes. The times have drastically changed. As you can see, there are now a multitude of areas that a Dealership has to focus on to ensure they are not “leaking” Sales Opportunities from The 5-Point Circle of Buying Methodology. And while the traditional Auto Dealer Consultant usually focused on one area of  a Dealership’s business, today’s successful Consultant must be well-versed in all of these areas because of the ripple effect each has upon the other(s). They must understand and recognize how each one can make a positive or negative impact on the overall success of the dealership, and how to to effectively train the dealership and its team members to improve or tweak each area.

The Process:

An Automotive Dealer Consultant usually begins by meeting with the Owner, Dealer Principle, General Sales Manager and/or Pre-Owned Sales Manager to discuss the goals and needs of the dealership. They will then establish an outline and time frame to observe, listen, and interact with all of the personnel involved with the area(s) directly related to the Dealership’s goals. In the case of Salesperson Training, they will establish a dedicated time to conduct a training class and/or seminar for all of the team members the dealerships wishes to attend the training.

After conducting the observation and interaction process, the Consultant will then report back to the Management Team with their findings, recommendations and a plan of action – along with a timetable for a follow-up call to discuss the progress.


How long does a consultation last?

For a small, independent dealer, it normally takes 1-2 days to conduct a thorough consultation. For a multi-location or larger independent dealer, it normally takes 2-3 days. For a large franchise store, it normally takes 4-5 days.

Should dealership team members directly effected by a consultation be informed about an upcoming consultation?

Yes! Team members who are made aware of an upcoming consultation are more likely to be receptive, open, honest and transparent during the process. It also gives the dealership more time to work with employees who may have a counter-productive view of a consultation.

What is the Theme of Your Salesperson Training?

A New Beginning. If a dealership is still mired in the antiquated processes of the 4 Box / Square Sales approach; “What’s it going to take to earn your business today?”; a barrage of follow-up phone calls; and high pressure, it is not effectively engaging and succeeding with the next generation of car buyers. This training is a completely new and eye-opening approach for most dealerships. It is effective. It is widely praised. It will positively improve all aspects of a dealership. Contact us today to transform the way your dealership sells cars.

Can our Dealership request consultation in just certain areas?

Absolutely. Many dealerships have successful programs in one or more areas of their operations, but are looking to improve in or add new areas to their location. Any of the areas in the Overview above are available to package together for specific targeted consulting. Contact us today to request the area(s) your dealership would like consulting in so that The Doctor can customize a special package for you.

Do you provide Management Only Training?

Yes. Some dealerships prefer the trickle-down effect of training their salespeople and team members. By providing consulting and training to the Management Team alone, the dealership can choose when, how and where to assimilate new methodologies, practices and procedures to the affected employees. This also allows a dealership to put measurable goals in place for their management team by being able to review them on the successful implementation – or lack thereof – of the selected recommendations provided during consultation.

Do you offer Consultation services outside of the Dallas-Fort Worth area?

Yes. The Doctor normally travels to the following Texas cities: Houston, Austin, Galveston and the Beaumont-Port Arthur (Golden Triangle) area. With advance notice, The Doctor can also travel to San Antonio, Texas; Lubbock, Texas; Amarillo, Texas; Shreveport Louisiana; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and Tulsa, Oklahoma. The Doctor can also consider special requests for other areas of the country.

How soon after a Consultation request are you available?

In most cases – schedule permitting – The Doctor can usually be available to arrive within 3 to 5 days of an initial consultation request. Special requests might result in longer lead times.

Have another question? Special request? Contact us today to ask. The Doctor is always available to answer.


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