Would You Like Fries With That?…

business marketingHow many times have you heard that question while standing in line or sitting down at local Fast Food Restaurant or Café? Too many too count?

When you hear it spoken, it can often come across sounding like it’s being presented by a robot. It’s something that cashier or waitstaff has been trained to ask, but do you feel like they’re really engaged in hearing your answer; or that it’s just something they repeat out of habit?

And yet, the question itself is a harbinger to what is an absolutely critical component in what makes that eatery more profitable.

The hamburger or taco or chicken nuggets being sold is usually priced as the “hook”; that is the low selling price that is enticing you to come in and purchase it – outside of the anticipation of how good it’s going to taste of course!

That is not the most profitable part of the meal purchase. It’s the “fries” and the drink and the dessert being added to the meal that makes it profitable; those parts which the consumer hasn’t usually price-comparison shopped. 

So, while your Retail Store, Car Dealership or Real Estate Office probably doesn’t sell hamburgers and tacos, the fundamental principles and practices of the question’s intent is equally – if not more so – as important to your location’s profitability. 

With that said, are you and your team members asking every single customer or client if, “ . . they want fries with that?”

In a Retail Store setting, your team has multiple opportunities to pose that question – directly and indirectly – to a customer.  First and foremost, of course, is the interaction between the Salesperson and the Customer. 

It’s easy to suggest a skirt with a blouse or a belt with a pair of pants, but are you seeking out unique opportunities as well?

For example, if you sell clothing, do you have an area of clothing and accessories grouped by their similar palettes?

Many fashion shoppers ultimately choose by a color they think looks good on them, so if they’ve selected one item from a particular hue, having a dedicated area of similar color products produces an easy-to-discover opportunity to generate additional items per purchase. 

Or, have you considered having Promotional Product Group Days.

For example, if you own a Gift Shop or Home Accessories Store, you could consider having Special Sales Days built around a particular scent or pattern; like a Cinnamon themed-day with songs playing in the background (if available) that have that word or “sugar” in them to add to the theme’s mood.

Most of all though, it is critical to involve your team members in this goal. A strong incentive and/or commission program revolving around the average number of items sold per ticket is a great way to motivate your staff. Some stores even make a friendly competition out of it.

For Auto Dealers, it’s not much of a stretch to think of items like Extended Service Contracts and Protection Programs to add “fries” to the order, but it’s the forward-thinking and successful owner or manager who thinks outside the box. 

With the razor-thin margins on vehicles these days, adding additional high-margin products and/or services to the sale can be the sole difference between profit and loss.

So, where do the opportunities lie? Suffice to say that most dealerships do NOT want their profit opportunities to be freely shared for others to copy. So, while it might see a bit empty to not feature ideas in this blog, The Doctor has a number of them available. 

If you’re of the mindset to tackle these opportunities yourself, be creative. Don’t pigeon-hole all of your thoughts on what can be added that are just inside the walls of your dealership; or with vendors that you already do business with. Great ideas never come easy. But the rewards are worth the work!

If you’re a Real Estate Agent, Realtor or have a Realty Office, you might think that these are opportunities that don’t apply to your industry. While it’s true that the number of assets might be less in scope, they still exist. 

Like Auto Dealerships though, this is a fiercely competitive industry which tends to want to keep all of the good ideas to themselves. But also like Car Dealerships, where there is ingenuity, there is additional profit and relationships to be fostered. The home itself might not be a re-occurring opportunity like other industries, but they are there if you put your gold prospecting skills to work.

In short, while the “Would you like fries with that?” term might be considered old-fashioned and out-of-touch to some, those who embrace it and utilize its vast potential are the companies that will continue to prosper and grow – even when traditional revenue streams are slow.



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